Today there is a strong realisation that many teen girls have lost the “innocence” they should have at their age. They know things and have experienced things far beyond their years. This is as a consequence of many factors: the extreme expectation that guys have on girls in relationships, the image of girls in the media and the role models consistently portrayed, bullying and peer pressure, dysfunctional family backgrounds, gangs etc. This leaves our girls feeling broken with no hope, no true identity, lack of self-worth and respect for themselves. There are so many struggling with low self-image, eating disorders, self-harming and some trapped in relationships where they feel uncomfortable. Generally they find teen life hard with a lack of inspiring role models, no ambition or drive to reach their potential and still having all important choices ahead of them.

Innocence Vision

The aim of the Innocence Project is to encourage, inspire, challenge and empower girls to face society giving them a voice and confidence in whom they are made to be and help them find their true identity. Our hope is that they will be challenged by the message and socially begin the process of enhancing confidence to stand out and not unthinkingly follow their peers. We want the young girls to feel special and know that they are important, beautiful, unique and loved just the way they are knowing that they have a reason to live, a purpose to their life and a future that can exceed all their expectations. We hope that they can see being a teenager can be fun, crazy and exciting!

This is done in 3 ways:

Main Conference:

Our main event is held once a year in the style of a one day conference held at a beautiful hotel in Cornwall. This unforgettable, high-energy event is packed with exciting things to do: From arrival to your departure they will be swept off their feet with a fun filled – red carpet – star quality adventure with various exciting workshops, impacting seminars led by inspiring speakers, pampering, delicious delights and musicians that they will love ending the day in a full concert.

Example of workshops (although each year is different): Swimming, dance, singing, drama, arts and crafts, beauty: hair, makeup, nail art and skin care, cupcake decorating.

Example of topics covered (topics depend on individual speakers – all girls are split into their age categories so that certain topics are discussed with appropriate age groups): Identity, Friendships, Bullying, Internet Safety, Fears and Failures, Image, Relationships and Sex, Fear of Rejection, Self-worth, Beauty etc.

Click here for details or booking of this year’s main event


Is a follow on from the conference meeting fortnightly in Launceston. StarGirlz will be a chance for girls to meet together in a chilled out environment looking at topics the girls want to know more about. It will be a chance to follow on from what they have learnt from the conference (although they do not need to attend the conference) with talks led by inspiring speakers, each session will have food, activities and will be exciting and fun. StarGirlz also runs a specialised mentoring/friends group to enable those girls who would like to meet with someone on a more one to one basis to chat through issues, gain advice and to check in with someone who has your back and will support you.

For more information please contact info@innocence.me.uk

Touring Event:

Due to the increased interest for Innocence to be taken to the road we are looking for partnering churches and hotels across the UK who would like to consider hosting one of our events. This is an amazing opportunity to reach your local teen girls with such an exciting, inspiring, challenging message in an attractive way where your girls will feel loved and special. We will provide the essential branding and model of our successful annual event and will cater for your specific venue whilst bringing the professionalism, experience and knowledge of our reputable team.

If you are interested in hosting a conference then please contact info@innocence.me.uk and we can send you our Hosting Information Pack.

In the Schools:

Innocence has stormed into the schools on the requests of teachers; taking the vision to inspire, challenge and encourage teen girls to look at the situations and issues they face today and give them an alternative way to respond, particularly from some of the pressures they have from the media and society. This will be done through exciting workshops, inspiring seminars and lessons working alongside the band L.E.D. Topics addressed include: self-worth, image, identity, relationships, sex, beauty, internet safety, friendships, bullying etc. and will follow the guideline of the National Curriculum and local schemes of work.

If you would like our Schools Pack please contact info@innocence.me.uk or to see recommendation of our schools work with L.E.D please click here

Background ethos
Innocence is a project from our main charity Oriel Ministries which has a Christian foundation and therefore Innocence holds the values of the Christian faith in all that they do. However, the team do not force their views or opinions but simply want to encourage teen girls to make the right choices helping them to be confident in who they are and enabling them to be their own voice.