Welcome to Innocence!

This is a project that is just for girls experiencing the adventures of teen life; with the highs and the lows we want to help you gain confidence in who you were born to be whilst helping you to deal with the choices, issues and concerns you face each day and finding the best way to live your teen life.

The Conference

Each year you are invited to one of our biggest events the ‘Innocence Girls Conference’ that is held in a beautiful 5 star hotel and takes place in October half term. From arrival to departure you will be swept off your feet with a fun filled – red carpet – star quality adventure with various exciting workshops, impacting seminars led by inspiring speakers, pampering, fun activities, delicious delights and finishes with an evening of entertainment from various artists and bands that will end the day in style.

Innocence Extended

Following on from the conference we have ‘Innocence Extended’ which is held fortnightly in Launceston where we get together to chat, eat, hang out and have fun. This is designed to continue on from the conference taking you to the next level. For some that need extra support we have a group of mentors/friends who will meet with you regularly to see how things are going and to offer their help and advice where needed.

Innocence In The Schools

You may also see Innocence in your schools joining alongside the band LED as they deliver exciting lessons, workshops and assemblies. If you want to see LED in your school make sure you ask your teachers/head teacher or pop us an email and tell us which school you go to and we can do the rest. WWW.LED-BAND.COM


Hey Girls

Thanks for popping by our Innocence website. This place is just for YOU: to encourage, to help and explore what it means to be a teen girl today in the 21st Century. I want you to know that you are truly LOVED, totally ACCEPTED and FREE to be you!

We all have a story to tell and each day WE are writing the pages! Today is a new day to start a new journey, to learn from the past and to step out into the future with confidence and a boldness that nothing can bring you down or change who you are.

You need to know that you are beautiful, that you are worth it and that you have a purpose for your life.

You may have lots of questions or facing situations that you don’t know how to deal with – I want this website to be all about YOU! I want to help you discover who you are and find the answers to those questions and to start a new journey. A new chapter to your story and one that’s full of adventure and fun memories that will always be imprinted on your heart.

Love always

Nikki x